Social activities of human beings are always involved with the production of wastes. In a university, for instance, various types of wastes are steadily generated, including general ones similar to domestic garbage and also highly harmful ones that are infectious or chemically hazardous. These wastes have to be either processed for proper recycling or treated and disposed of safely. In any case, these recycling/treating processes need to be environmentally safe, so as not to cause any problems in the environment. This environmental safety aspect must always be considered when developing technologies to deal with wastes.
 Our laboratory focuses on the development and environmental-safety assessment of novel technologies for the treatment of chemically hazardous wastes and for the waste-to-energy conversion. Currently we are studying on (i) supercritical water oxidation of hazardous wastewater, (ii) supercritical water gasification of organic waste, and (iii) high-pressure carbonization of biomass waste.

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